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Generation of Music Artists

Intelligently empowering artists across all platforms.

BMG + BroadbandTV

Windfall is a joint venture from BMG and leading digital broadcaster BroadbandTV.

Success from end to end

We don't just create music stars, we create media stars.

Our services

Leveraging proprietary technologies, global reach, and industry-expertise, we deliver top-tier music and video services to activate your full growth potential.

About Us

Windfall is a joint venture from BroadbandTV and BMG.


BBTV is the world’s leading digital broadcaster, operating one of the largest entertainment networks on YouTube, with over network partners amassing more than billion impressions per month. BBTV operates one of the largest music networks in online video, and houses the two of the industry’s top brands including Opposition, the largest hip-hop music network; and WIMSIC, the largest Electronic Dance Music (EDM) network.


BMG is a leading international music company focused on the management of music publishing and recording rights. BMG covers the entire range of rights administration and exploration worldwide, placing the needs of songwriters and artists at the core of its business model.

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